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Cost Estimating Work Sheets

The biggest advantage of aPanelized Kit Home Pricing Work Sheet

Kit home place provides do it yourself builders a comprehensive cost to complete a kit home work sheet. This work shed can be used to identify the tasks your desire to do your self to lower the price of a completed panel kit home.


Sneaky Building Cost with Kit Homes

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Panelized Kit Home Option Work Sheet to Save Money

In addition to the cost of the construction of your kit home, you will need to keep a sharp eye on the cost of the options you choose for your kit home. The two areas that can drive the cost of your home way over budget include kitchens and bathrooms. We have a work site to help you save money on your new home and keep your building budget under control.

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Kit Homes and Buildings

Kit Home Place

Designing, Buying and Building Kit Homes and Buildings

Kit Home Place is a guide to buying, designing and building kit homes. The first step is to decide to build a kit home or building. Then deciding on the type of kit you will build. Kit homes and buildings come in all shapes and sizes including:

  • Primary and Secondary Homes
  • Play Houses for Children
  • Home Offices
  • Music Studios
  • Studios for Artists
  • Garages for Storage Space
  • Storage Buildings and Barns
  • Cottages and Cabins
  • Garden Sheds
  • Green Houses
  • Work Shops

Type of Kit Homes

Some of the deciding factors on the type of kit home you purchase will include your building budget, size and style of your structure and the level of completion desired. For example, post and beam homes are extremely expensive compared to a simple wood framed panel home. Post and beam homes can be extremely energy efficient off setting the cost of owning the home for years. In addition, the aesthetics of a post and beam kit home is entirely different than a wood panel, SIP home, steel building, log home or pole building. We review each type of kit home and building system to help you make the right decision.

Designing Kit Homes and Buildings

Designing a kit home can be as easy as selecting a standard stock floor plan, modifying the floor plan to fit your needs. Or, you can design your own home and use a draftsmen, designer or architect to draw your floor plans. Regardless of how your home is designed, the kit home supplier will need to complete a set of drawings for your new home. In addition to completing floor plan drawings, your kit home supplier will also complete any required engineering calculations. Regardless of your home design, kit homes can be constructed off site and delivered to your truck accessible building lot.

Designing Kit Homes and Buildings

Todays home buyer is demanding unique homes rather than cookie cutter floor plans. Building a kit home offers the ultimate flexibility in designing your next home. The choice to designing a kit home include selecting a cookie cutter plan and modifying to your needs or designing your home from scratch. Of these two choices, most people select a standard stock floor plan and modify the plan to fit their needs and building lot.

Costs and Prices of Kit Homes

One of the first questions most people ask about buying anything is the price. Whey you are building a home, the price and cost question is a tough question to answer. Kit homes often only include wall, floor, ceiling and roof systems. Other kit home packages are more inclusive including all of the building materials to complete your kit home. Often these suppliers will deliver the materials in stages as you complete your home.

Price Elements of Building a Kit Home

Preparing includes clearing brush and trees, changing the slope of the building lot, removing or hauling in fill dirt to make the lot build able; drainage systems; foundation excavation and more. Many home builder looking to save money can complete some of the site preparation.

The design, style, and size of your foundation are all variables to the cost of building a kit home's foundation. To keep the cost of a foundation down, keep it as simple or square as possible - minimize corners - and the depth of the foundation. A crawl space or slab on grade foundation are the least expensive foundation spaces for a kit home.

Framing a kit home includes to elements: the kit home itself and the labor required to erect the home's shell. Depending on the type of building system a crane may be required to erect the building panels into place. For the do it yourself, another element need to be addressed any additional tools required for construction.

The Type of building system you use to build your kit home will influence if you have to insulate your home. A wood panel home will require purchasing and installing insulation where as buying a SIPs home or post and beam kit with structural insulated panels will require minimal insulation. A log home kit will not need insulation in the exterior walls, however selecting and installing insulation in the foundation and ceiling system will be required.

The electrical system of your kit home included interior and exterior lighting, panel box, meter and mast, interior wiring, switches and outlets and the list goes on and will need to be added to the overall cost of building your kit home.

Plumbing includes all of the cost of having water come into and out of your new home. Plumbing includes all of the bath fixtures, sinks, faucets and all of the plumbing in your kit home you won't see in your home: vent stacks; well pumps; traps and the pipes inside your walls. Plumbing cost will also include hot water heating systems.

The HVAC system could cost as little as five hundred dollars for electric base board to tens of thousands of dollars for a geothermal system for your home. This decision can be one of the most expensive elements to building any home.

The exterior finish of your kit home includes widows and doors, the trim and flashing system that goes around each window and door. Exterior finish of your home is a major variable cost when estimating the cost to build a kit home. Vinyl siding is one of the least expensive options and therefore one of the most popular among home builders. In addition to finishing the walls, the roof system will need to be installed this includes roof coverings and a roof drainage system.

Interior finishes start at the floor up. Kit homes rarely include: trim, stairs, stair railings, interior doors, drywall of other interior elements. Not only is there a the cost of the materials, installation cost can be more than the materials you select.

At one time, carpeting was the least expensive flooring for new homes. Today, the new home builder can often purchase easy to install wood and laminate floors for less than the cost of installed carpet. Other popular floor installed in a kit home include: ceramic tile; cork; bamboo and area rugs.

The number of bathrooms your kit home has in the floor plan can drive the cost of your home up by thousands. Depending on the size of the bathroom and the types of faucets and fixtures you select will influence the cost of your bath room. Often the bathroom can be one of the most expensive rooms in a house after the kitchen.

Kit homes and buildings can have very simple kitchens with space for appliances, a kitchen sink and a foor preparation. Or, the kitchen could be huge with expensive top of the line cabinets and appliances. The cost of counter tops will cost more if you install granite rather than a laminate counter top material.

Landscaping is often forgotten when creating a building budget. In addition to a walkway and a driveway, the cost of shrubs and trees could cost as much as some smaller kit homes. It is important to meet minimum code requirements to obtain a certificate of occupancy.

Building a deck during the construction of your kit home will give you the opportunity to install and flash the deck correctly. The size, deck material and complexity of the design will influence the cost of your deck.

Thirty years ago, a single car garage was standard. Today, home builders desire at least two bays and more often than not three. One option to building a garage at the time of constructing your kit home is to build a detached garage, shed or barn for storage.

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